Thursday, January 13, 2011

Swagbucks-Easy Way to earn Money, Prizes

This is how I paid for most of my Christmas last year. I used Swagbucks that I earned to redeem Amazon gift cards.  For every 450 swagbucks that you earn you can redeem for a $5 Amazon gift card.  There are other great prizes available as well.  Well I bet you are wondering how do I get started and how do I earn swagbucks.
Well what you do is sign up here and then start searching using either the toolbar or set swagbucks as your search engine. You can sign up to do special offers as well but I suggest that you set up an alternate email account so that the junk mail will not clog up your regular email account.  There are many free offers that you can complete to earn points as well as videos that you can watch to earn swagbucks.  They now have games that you can play to earn points as well.

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