Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Car Payment almost gone

I can hardly believe that by September of this year our 2007 Kia Sedona will be paid for. This was the first vehicle that either one of us owned that was new. The Kia will be paid off 1 year early, I know that does not seem like much but that is one less year paying interest. Once we are done paying for this then we will put those payments toward the credit card with the highest interest rate. If we keep within our budget then by July of 2013, three of our credit cards will be paid off. Those will be our last three credit cards.  December of this year the first card will be paid off  and the next one in January. 

Summer is here

Summer has started for me. The kids are out and we are getting ready for vacation, family reunions, and trips to visit colleges. My 17 year old will be a senior this year. So we are continuing the hunt for college scholarships. As many parents know it is hard to pay for tuition but we will be applying to every scholarship that he qualifies for this year. We will have 2 in college after he graduates next year. Bills will be higher as well in the summer-  the kids are home so that means more meals, more electricity, more of everything will be used. There are so many ways that you can cut down on the cost over the summer. One way is cheap entertainment I plan to take the boys to $2 movie and popcorn, library for reading events, and the local museum.  We are making our own frozen treats this summer.  I will post some recipes later on of them.  I am just so excited about summer this year.