Monday, January 30, 2012

Debt, Debt and more debt

I have been working on a plan the last couple of months to get my family out of debt. We have 4 credit cards, 2 student loans, car, medical bills and a house along with the regular bills. In order to save money we have been eating food out the stockpile for several weeks. Last week was the first time that I had to buy meat  in over 5 months. I only purchased meat that was discounted. I have learned how to be really creative with the items in the stockpile.  Lately I have cut out the extra trips to the drug stores unless the items are free. The debt is slowly going down and by the end of the summer the car and 1 credit card will be paid off.  Well the medical bills will be paid in the next month or so.  I just feel that we are slowly working on the debt. It will feel good to get rid of some of the debt. I know it will take time and has to be done one debt at a time. I hope that your journey is going great.