Wednesday, June 22, 2011

All You Challenge- Grocery challenge

All You magazine is having a challenge to only spend $25 a week per person for groceries. I thought I would try this. This would give 125 a week on groceries which is more than I allow myself to spend a week now. So far this week my spending has been
Sav A Lot 7.19 Ice cream. 2 loafs of bread
Harvey's .92 Root beer soda
Bi-lo 5.33 2 Fast fixing bags - nuggets and chicken patties, 2 Bounty Tissues
Harvey's 6.44- 5 boxes of Cereal
Harvey's 42.35 7 packs of chicken breast, 10 packages of Chi-Chi's Tortilla, and one jar of Apple jelly noticed my recipet was off. Went back to store and got back $12.
Dollar tree $2.12 Sodas