Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Cutting my Grocery Bill-any ideas

This week I have decided to drastically cut my budget only for next week. I want to see if it will be possible to cut it in half and still be able to purchase what we need. Now that is going to be a little difficult because sometimes I have a hard determining what we want and what we need.  I will be only using $50 on grocery that week instead of the usual $100. I know that some are thinking that $100 a week is a lot but I am feeding a family of 6 on that amount. I try to use the money to stock up on mostly meat and use other items that I have in my stockpile. I try to buy snacks only from the drug stores when they are cheap or practically free. 
We are also debating about cutting the satellite bill but we have to get an outside antenna first to see what local channels are available.  I know that it will be a big adjustment for the children but I need to think about improving my finances first. This will just give them more time to play outside and read books.  I would love any comments or suggestions on how to reduce the grocery bill.


Mary said...

OK, here's my 2 cents.
One $50 for 6 people is not realistic.
But if your trying I am all for it.

My suggestion for this is switch off one week Meat for the $50 next week sides/potatoes etc. Use 1/4 less. Lets say you make everyone 2 drumsticks for dinner. Make them one and offer one extra spoon of say potatoes or vegetables.

I would try cutting to $75 before I hit $50. I would try and see if I could get us to $75 and see what extra's I could cut to do that. Currently, we spend about $75 dollars a week on grocery's. I am afraid to cut it anymore. For there is lots we are not getting now.

Just my 2 cents!

Mary at Sweeping Me

Couponing out of debt said...

Well I have not been using the entire $100 each week. I have been using items that are in my stockpile which is very good right now. I have 2 deep freezers full of items. I just mainly have to buy milk, eggs, bread and fresh fruit most weeks or if meat is on sale. One day soon I will get the nerves to post pictures of my stockpile but there will probably be some negative feedback about it. Thanks Mary for your suggestion.