Sunday, January 2, 2011

Goals for 2011

My goals for this year is to pay off 2 credit cards and to lower one to less than  $1000. One day I will have the nerves to reveal how much in debt we are in.  I am going to try to start using the envelope method.  Basically I will withdraw money each week and put in different envelopes with the amount of money that can be used for the week. The bills that will not be paid by envelope are the mortgage, credit cards, water bill (has to be mailed to FL), and phone bill. I need to sit down and do a budget and set up payment schedules for all bills so that they are paid on time to stop late charges from being applied to accounts. Budgets, budgets that is something that has been a hard word in this house. I have a hard time putting a budget down, but I know that I need to do it. I HAVE TO DO IT.  We need to put money back in an emergency fun and I know how important it is to have one.  A couple years ago my husband was in a car wreck and he was the only one working at the time.   He was hurt so badly that he had to have an operation on his leg and went through several months of physical therapy.  Luckily we had disability insurance and it helped over the months that he was not working.  It helped but it was not enough and we used our savings to tide us over during this time. The savings have never been rebuilt since then and it is time that we start again.  There are several places that have free budget software.

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