Friday, December 31, 2010

Bi-Lo Coupon Policy

This is just a guideline.

Please note there are differences between a Store issued coupon and a Vendor issued coupon, such as;
A store coupon does not have a mailing address on it, while a vendor coupon does.
Store coupons do not double, while some vendor coupons do.

Store, Manufacturer/Vendor or Internet Coupon Acceptance

Coupons can only be used for the purpose for which it was intended and have no cash value.
The required product must be purchased.
Correct quantity and/or size must be purchased.
Coupons must be in date..
Coupons value can not exceed the price of the item.
One manufacturer/vendor coupon per item purchased.
One store coupon per item purchased.
Coupons must be scanned (bar code must be present).
Mailing address for vendors must be printed on all vendor coupons.
All restrictions contained on the coupon must be adhered to, such as "no doubling, limit one coupon per item, no other coupons can be used with....".
Store management has the right to review, decline, and limit any coupon if fraud or coupon abuse is evident.

Double Coupon Acceptance Policy -

Only one manufacturer coupon can be redeemed per item.
Double coupon redemption applies only to “manufacturer” issued coupons.
BI-LO store coupons or competitor coupons are not doubled.
Double coupons do not apply to alcohol and tobacco products.
Coupons must be presented at the time of check-out.
Coupons will only be doubled if a BONUSCARD is scanned within the order.
Manufacturer coupons will be redeemed only before the expiration date.
Void where prohibited by law.
Double coupon amount cannot exceed the price of the item.
Items must be purchased in sizes specified on coupon.
Free coupons are excluded.
Total amounts cannot exceed the price of the item.
Store management has the right to review , decline,and limit any coupon if fraud or coupon abuse is evident.

Call and check your store to see how much they double. In my area it is up to $0.60.

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